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Regular Show Found Me

I remember the very first time this show aired.  It was the day after my birthday.  I was the only one home – flipping through the channels, arriving at – and stopping on, this image…(below)

I happened to have stopped on Cartoon Network.  I had watched this network before as my 6-year-old Son and I watched Clone Wars every Friday night without fail.

A voice came on and said “and now, the regular show” so I left the channel on, set  the remote down and decided to watch this program called “The Regular Show” especially since it was the first one.

Now before I state anything more, you need to know that I am immersed in the creative arts – it’s my profession and I have a wide acceptance of new things.  I compose and play music – produce video and the thing I like best is doing voices of characters.

The episode was called “The Power” and it came on.  I’m pretty sure it was “The Power”

I fell head-over-heels in love with this program.  I mean “it got me” in the first few minutes.  I found myself laughing my ^&SS off and really digging the mind of the person that created this show.  It was reminiscent of my days as a 20 something party animal that was on the beginning of the road of figuring things out.

Next, I had a rather tough decision to make.  Was I going to let my six-year-old watch it?

I decided “yes” but only if I was in the room with him.  The program content was a little dirty but overall this was a clean portrayal of two kids who are integrating into society with their first real job and not living at home.

I want to meet their parents.  There should be an episode or two about them coming to visit.  That would be hilarious, I can only imagine what their stories might be.  Maybe What if Rigby and Mordecai came from broken homes, single parents – divorce – or something entirely worse?  You wonder what the QRI Machine (Quintel, Roth, Infantino)
might conjure up.  It’s got to be on their radar screen for an episode series… I mean Blue jays and Raccoons have parents too.

My wife gave the show sniff test.  She didn’t like it at first.  It took her five months and now, we can’t wait to see new episodes.  It’s become a family event!  Are we sick?  When we have withdrawal, or need a little dose of Rigby and Mordecai, there’s the beauty of “On Demand” and our six-year-old – (who is now seven) knows how to navigate the remote just fine.

For me…I can do all the voices perfectly and that makes my wife and son laugh so it’s a permanent fixation we have with the show now.  It’s really funny to see and hear my ultra conservative wife try to do the voices of the characters, it’s so not like her.  It’s also funny for me to think that “The Regular Show” has brought us closer together as a family.  It’s high in our mix of choices for family TV programming and we don’t watch TV very much at all.

We share the show with our friends / family and there has not been one bad review.
Everyone likes The Regular Show and I’m excited to know that it will continue.

Our favorite episodes:

More Smarter

High Score

Brain Eraser


My Mom

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